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Literature Studies for Young Adults takes you and your students through a series of stories, plays, and poems, arranged in historical order. (Most of the selected titles are the same as those now listed for dialectic students in Tapestry of Grace, but not all are.) In studying these works, students encounter both literary techniques and historical worldviews. Students will have exercises and discussions that aim at equipping them to analyze literature for themselves, using a toolbox of literary analysis terms and concepts that we introduce.

Here are the features of this study:

  • This first volume covers literature pertaining to the Ancient World and takes 36 school weeks to complete.
  • This program dovetails with Tapestry history plans, but is also useful for families that do not use Tapestry of Grace.
  • This program can be used with students in grades 7-9.
  • If used with younger students, discussions are optional.
  • If used with high school students, we recommend combining Literature Studies with a writing program (and optionally an English grammar program) in order to earn a regular English credit. Writing assignments are thus provided for every week-plan in Literature Studies for Young Adults and the use of the Writing Aids handbook is recommended. The assignments follow the established writing sequence from Year 1 of Tapestry of Grace.

The digital package come with the first three components below.

  1. Student Workbook: Offering three pages per week, this component is a little under 260 pages. Each week:
    • The first page gives an introduction to the week, along with the student's reading assignments.
    • The second page is a worksheet, on which the student should write his answers.
    • The third page lists questions that prepare the student for his weekly discussion.
    • You can purchase additional student workbooks in various ways. See the chart under the tab "Buy Now" to determine which one(s) you need.
  2. Literary Toolbox: This component is a reference section for the student. It includes explanations, diagrams, and definitions that enable the student to complete his weekly assignments.
  3. Teacher Guide: This 182-page component includes three sections:
    • "Teaching Literature Studies for Young Adults" is an introduction to this program that includes an explanation as to the layout of the class-plans, tips for grading, suggestions for evaluations, and other helpful teaching information.
    • Four Unit Introductions, each of which gives a synopsis of the unit, along with writing assignments for the unit.
    • "Notes for This Week" are the answer keys, discussion outlines, and information for teaching each week-plan.
    • NOTE: Should you choose to use the writing assignments that are included in the Teacher Guide, you will want to purchase Writing Aids.
  4. Book list: Carefully chosen books that will help you enjoy Literature!
Book Titles (Worksheet) Book Titles
(Worksheet & Discussion)
Tales of Ancient Egypt Tales of Ancient Egypt
The Bible The Bible
Gilgamesh the Hero Gilgamesh the Hero
Sons of Encouragement* Sons of Encouragement*
Twenty Jataka Tales Twenty Jataka Tales
The Ch'i-Lin Purse The Ch'i-Lin Purse
The Well of Sacrifice The Well of Sacrifice
Mythology Mythology
Hittite Warrior Hittite Warrior
God King God King
Victory on the Walls Victory on the Walls
The Aeneid for Boys and Girls The Aeneid for Boys and Girls
The Eagle of the Ninth The Eagle of the Ninth
The Bronze Bow The Bronze Bow
Black Ships Before Troy
The Wanderings of Odysseus
Retail total: $141.31** Retail total: $154.21**

NOTE: Check Bookshelf Central for current prices on individual titles or packages.

*If you are a Tapestry of Grace customer, you may already have purchased all of these titles except Sons of Encouragement.

**Our booklist estimates are for new, full-price retail books, excluding the Bible (which we assume you already own). These titles can be found in gently used condition for a fraction of the retail cost, and many are also in libraries.


Download free samples of Literature Studies for Young Adults: The Ancients!

Download Sample Student Workbook

Download Sample Literary Toolbox

Download Sample Teacher Guide

Product Name Format Price Options/Notes
Basic Digital Package (These products may not be resold or returned, but may be updated for free.)
Teacher's Guide Digital $29.95 Does not support printing.
Complete Student Workbook Does not support printing except for the 36 worksheets. You may need to purchase additional individual components below depending on your needs.
Basic Print Package (All components can be resold.)
Teacher's Guide Print $44.95 $6.95 savings from buying the Teacher's Guide and Complete Student Workbook separately. Looseleaf, 3-hole punched.
Complete Student Workbook
Individual Components
Teacher's Guide Print $28.95 About 180 pages. Includes all Teacher's Notes for 36 weeks, plus guide to teaching, grading, and customizing the program. Buy this individually if you have more than one Home Academy, co-op, or school teacher. Looseleaf, 3-hole punched.
Complete Student Workbook Print $22.95 About 260 pages. Includes everything from Student Workbook Pack plus the Literary Toolbox. Buy additional complete workbooks if:
  • You are teaching more than one student and
  • They are completing the program in order to get high school credit (or are mature 8th graders) or
  • If you want each student to have his own copy of the Literary Toolbox or
  • You are in a co-op or school and each student needs his own copy of all of the student workbook and the Literary Toolbox.
  • Note that if you purchased the digital package, you will not be able to print this in its entirety from your computer.

Looseleaf, 3-hole punched.
Student Workbook Pack Print $12.95 About 160 pages. Includes instruction/discussion preparation pages and worksheets--total of about 3 pages/week--for students, but not Literary Toolbox. Buy additional workbook packages if:
  • You do not need additional copies of the Literary Toolbox (because your student is accessing it from your digital or print package) and
  • You are in a Home Academy and you have more than one student completing the program.
  • Note that if you purchased the digital package, you will not be able to print this in its entirety from your computer.

Looseleaf, 3-hole punched.
Student Worksheet Pack Print $5.95 36 weekly worksheets. Buy additional worksheet packs if:
  • You have more than one student who is...
  • only going to do the worksheets and
  • You are not going to have regular discussions.
  • Note that the reading assignments are not included in this package. Your student will need to access these from your primary family copy (from either your digital or print package).
  • This component can be printed from your digital package.

Looseleaf, 3-hole punched.
If you wish to create a DE + Print package, please choose your favorite combination of DE and Print products above.