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Scott Somerville

Scott Somerville went to Harvard Law School with five children in 1989 and graduated with honors (and a sixth child) in 1992. Scott was a homeschool activist before he was a lawyer - as the first president of Christian Home Educators of New Hampshire, Scott battled the New Hampshire rules revision subcommittee to a standstill in their effort to triple the regulations on homeschoolers. That brush with the law was enough to induce him to quit his day job as a programmer, put the house on the market, and move the whole family down to Cambridge, Massachusetts. Scott went straight from liberal Harvard to the Home School Legal Defense Association and spent the next fourteen years fighting for homeschoolers' freedoms...

In October, Scott left HSLDA (with their blessing and full support) to join Lampstand Press in a full-time capacity and encourage fathers as the heads of their homeschools. He is now General Counsel for Lampstand Press, as well as the creator of the successful Pop Quiz audio CDs and a highly acclaimed nation-wide speaker.

Scott has written and spoken extensively on subjects ranging from parental rights to the privacy of the home, but his central concern has always been for the homeschool family – especially the homeschool dad. Scott combines his personal experience of over more than 20 years of homeschooling with his professional expertise. After assisting thousands of individual homeschoolers across America, he knows as much about the peril and promise of homeschooling as any man in America.

In 2007 Scott and Marcia put their collective homeschool wisdom together in a seminar for couples called Building Your Homeschool Together. The messages they shared during this seminar series are available for purchase on CD.

Marcia Somerville

Marcia Somerville has homeschooled her six children from the beginning. But she was ready to quit when her oldest entered high school and her youngest started Kindergarten: trying to teach five subjects to six children Monday through Friday looked impossible.

What made it harder for Marcia was that she had received an excellent education herself, attending Kent School and Dartmouth College. She knew what a good education looked like, and was not satisfied with racing from child to child and subject to subject day after day. She wanted them to grow up to be wise young men and women who understood the times and knew what they should do...

Marcia reached the end of her own ability, but God met her there. After weeks of tears and prayer, she came up with a different way to teach. She had been a History major in college, and knew that everything one needs to learn happened or was discovered at some moment in History. By cycling through the history of the world every four years, she could cover everything her children needed to learn. By repeating that cycle as the children grew up, the whole family could be learning the same content at their individual levels. The Tapestry of Grace curriculum was born!

Today, Marcia leads the continuing development of Tapestry of Grace as she travels with her husband to speak to home schooling parents. Her life message is what she learned in her own home school – the nearness of God is her good. She would love to meet you in person at one of her upcoming conference appearances, but if you are unable to attend, you can purchase seminar CDs at the Lampstand Press Bookshelf.

Scott's Speeches

What Wives Wish Husbands Knew About Homeschooling
Based on conversations with homeschooling mothers, Scott determined that they primarily need assurance, godly leadership and involvement. Husbands who understand this can succeed in their homeschools without sacrificing their other God-given priorities.

Master Plan
Scott focuses fathers on their homeschooling mission, and then identifies and discusses primary resources that any father can use to accomplish that mission: money and time.

Power Tools
Scott identifies three tools men can use to build up their families and address the danger of placing their desires ahead of God.

Under Construction
Helps fathers lead each member of the family, including themselves, in growth in character with a view of each level of development - deals with kids and adults.

The History and Future of American Education
This one-hour audio reviews the history of American educationfrom 1647 to the dawn of modern home education with an eye to the future.

Marcia's Speeches

The Nearness of God is My Good
Marcia offers spiritual encouragement from her own mistakes and lessons – and shares her personal discovery that daily time with God is the foundation of our homeschools!

Meeting With God: A Toolbox Approach
A variety of practical approaches to teaching children to meet with God daily and develop an intimate relationship with Him. (Best listened to after The Nearness of God is My Good.)

Tips for Teaching a Houseful
Trying to teach multiple levels with toddlers underfoot? Marcia has been there and done that, and encourages busy moms with practical pointers from years of experience.

Writing Workshop (Sessions 1 & 2)
In two hour-long sessions, Marcia explains the essential elements for almost any writing program. Her first session explains the goals of writing, while her second hour provides a straightforward system for grading papers.

Teaching with Tapestry of Grace
Marcia explains in this hour-long session the history behind the program's development, the essence of its educational philosophy (a read-think-write approach to Classical Education) and the organizational structure of the program.

Considering Co-op Options
Speaking from experience, Marcia gives an overview of co-ops along with speaking on the pitfalls, first steps, and sound principles in building co-ops. Vision for the opportunities co-ops can present will be outlined.

Bleach for Stained Hearts
Marcia Somerville teaches mothers about three concentrated "cleaning fluids" to help themselves and then their children clean up sinful cravings that turn our hearts away from the Living God.

Practical Theology for Parenting Teens
In this speech, Marcia chooses three mistakes that homeschooling parents commonly make as teens begin to question and challenge them. She traces these back to a drift from the gospel message, and points to the Good News.