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About Tapestry Books

To implement Tapestry of Grace year-plans, you will need to purchase books that are sold separately. We highly recommend our sister store, Bookshelf Central, where you will find all of the primary titles listed in Tapestry plans. Want to peruse our book lists? Use this handy filter to browse to your heart's content!

Wondering about book prices?

We understand! The books that are listed in the pages of Tapestry of Grace are high-quality, whole books. Besides finding them discounted at Bookshelf Central, you’ll find many of them in your public library. Books can also be purchased used, or are available in less expensive, digital formats. However you choose to do it, we hope you’ll see our book lists as a guide to building a high-quality home library that is second to none!

To see the costs of full-retail book purchases for Year 1, you can visit www.tapestryofgrace.com/bottomline.